RR: 2015 Ironman Boulder

Date: Sunday, August 2, 2015

Location: Boulder, Colorado

Photos: Sarah (and finish line video from John Nickerson)

11:18:15 total time, which put me at:

  • 52/270 (19.26%) Starters in the Men’s 35-39 Age Group
  • 219/2306 (9.5%) Starters Overall

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Date: Saturday, May 30, 2015 (Race)

Location: Big Island, Hawaii

Photos: As noted

5:07:38 total time, which put me at:
16/156(10.3%) Finishers in the Men’s 35-39 AG
83/1466 (5.7%) Finishers Overall

My primary goal going into Ironman 70.3 Hawaii (Honu) this year was to break 5:00 hours, and that was ultimately not in the cards. I can’t really say I am upset, as I put in a 10:00 improvement over my time last year, felt I ran as strong as I could have given the hot conditions and had an absolute blast with Sarah and the TriForce Triathlon Team. I love this race and everything about it: (i) the overall location, (ii) the fabulous course and (iii) the top-notch production Ironman puts on for this race (i.e., the great finisher’s zone and post-race BBQ). It is my favorite race to be honest – so I had a blast! In my actual race, there were some hiccups and definitely a lot of key takeaways to improve on, but all-in-all I executed on my overall race plan and ran fairly well given the heat.

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Date: Saturday, April 11, 2015

Location: Lake Berryessa, Napa Valley, CA

Photos: Sarah

This season I started working with Coach Kevin Coady from TriForce Triathlon Team, with a goal of significantly structuring my training. My “A” races this year are Ironman 70.3 Hawaii on May 30th and Ironman Boulder on August 2nd. Coach Coady suggested I sign up for an early season local race around April, and HITS Napa Valley Half Ironman fit the bill perfectly.

I finished the race in 5:09:42, which was 3rd place in my age group (3/27) and 17th overall (17/261) in the race. I was pleasantly surprised by the results given where I am at in my training for the year and the general difficulty of the course (which, as described further below, is extremely hilly). My primary goals going into the race were to focus on (i) refining my nutrition strategy by upping the calories on the bike to see if my stomach could handle it at higher intensities and (ii) work on bike pacing using a power meter, all with a view to where I stand in my fitness coming off of a “middle base” build period before I shift into a half ironman specific build for Hawaii. I also ended up with two PR legs at the half ironman distance for me – swim and run.

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TR: Matterhorn Peak

Date: Saturday, March 14, 2015

Location: Matterhorn Peak, Eastern Sierra

Skiers: Jon & Nick

Photos: Jon & Nick (as noted)

Synopsis: As the “winter” has progressed here in California, I have been doing a lot of road biking… Long periods of high pressure, sunny skies and warm temps have largely dictated February and March. California was treated to a much needed storm about a week ago, which provided some moisture for the state and a blanket of low-density snow at high elevation. While not the base-building, heavy cement we really needed, no one was in a position to complain.

However, as quickly as the storm came, high pressure and warming temps generally returned. On Wednesday, another storm came across the Sierra that provided several more inches of snow, followed by a warming trend and high pressure. The weekend called for great weather for a mission down to the Eastern Sierra, in search of remaining “wintery” snow at high elevation, north-aspects.

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Date: December 2014

Location: North Lake Tahoe

Skiers: Jon, Noah & Nick

Photos: As noted

Early season in Tahoe this year was coupled with big expectation and hype (including the December Mega Storm), which as typical largely under delivered on account of fluctuating snow lines. As of present, we are once again combatting a high-pressure ridge off the West Coast leading to another dry January. As I sit and await our historically biggest snow months of February and March, I think back to some great days early season in December. There were certainly good days to be had, both in the resorts and touring in the backcountry.

Similar to the rising tides and fluctuations in the weather, each day had its ups and downs. Once such great day in December had a lot, in fact!

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Dates: Wednesday, November 26 – Sunday, November 30, 2014

Location: Joshua Tree National Park

Photos: As noted

Synopsis: Over Thanksgiving week, Sarah and I headed down to Joshua Tree National Park with Jon, Alex, Andrew and Judit. Joshua Tree is located in Southeastern California and encompasses the intersections of the Mojave and Colorado deserts. The park is nearly 800,000 acres large (roughly the side of Rhode Island) and is well known as a climbing haven. You could literally spend a year in Joshua Tree and likely not climb all of the routes.

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RR: 2014 Mammoth Fall Century

Date: Saturday, September 6, 2014/

Location: Mammoth Lakes, CA

Photos: Nick (unless otherwise noted).

Synopsis: On Saturday, September 6th, I participated in the Mammoth Fall Century Ride, a 102.6 mile ride in the Eastern Sierra with a total of 6,643 feet of elevation gain. I had actually signed up for this ride last year with my friend Pat, but I was unable to attend on account of a work conflict. Fortunately, this year I was able to make it and I had an amazing time.

The Mammoth Fall Century Ride is a loop style course that starts at the Village at Mammoth Mountain with an escorted mass start through the town of Mammoth down to highway 395. After that, the course heads out east and includes some great climbs on super desolate roads. There is only one stop sign on the entire course once you get out of the town of Mammoth Lakes! The ride is entirely supported with six aid stations, a lunch stop and full SAG vehicle support. Similar to most areas of the Eastern Sierra, you are in the Sierra Nevada rain shadow so the topography has a high-desert feel, with huge peaks to the West and rolling hills to the East into Nevada. The entire ride takes place between approximately 8,000 feet and 6,400 feet of elevation – meaning the lowest point of the ride is still 200 feet higher than our condo in Tahoe!

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