RR: 2014 Mammoth Fall Century

Date: Saturday, September 6, 2014/

Location: Mammoth Lakes, CA

Photos: Nick (unless otherwise noted).

Synopsis: On Saturday, September 6th, I participated in the Mammoth Fall Century Ride, a 102.6 mile ride in the Eastern Sierra with a total of 6,643 feet of elevation gain. I had actually signed up for this ride last year with my friend Pat, but I was unable to attend on account of a work conflict. Fortunately, this year I was able to make it and I had an amazing time.

The Mammoth Fall Century Ride is a loop style course that starts at the Village at Mammoth Mountain with an escorted mass start through the town of Mammoth down to highway 395. After that, the course heads out east and includes some great climbs on super desolate roads. There is only one stop sign on the entire course once you get out of the town of Mammoth Lakes! The ride is entirely supported with six aid stations, a lunch stop and full SAG vehicle support. Similar to most areas of the Eastern Sierra, you are in the Sierra Nevada rain shadow so the topography has a high-desert feel, with huge peaks to the West and rolling hills to the East into Nevada. The entire ride takes place between approximately 8,000 feet and 6,400 feet of elevation – meaning the lowest point of the ride is still 200 feet higher than our condo in Tahoe!

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Date: Sunday, July 13, 2014

Photos: Sarah (unless otherwise noted)

On July 14th, I participated in the Ironman 70.3 Vineman triathlon, which consisted of a 1.2 mile swim, 56 mile bike and 13.1 mile run in Sonoma County. I participated in this race last year as well. Significantly, thanks to generous donations of my friends, I was able to raise $692 for Building Bridges Worldwide, a not-for-profit organization committed to constructing schools, orphanages, clean water wells, medical clinics, and bridges in impoverished communities around the world.

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Date: Saturday, July 5, 2014

Location: Desolation Wilderness, South Lake Tahoe Basin

Hikers: Sarah & Nick

Photos: Nick & Sarah

Synopsis: Sarah and I decided to go for a nice half-day hike on Saturday, July 5th through the Desolation Wilderness in the South Lake Tahoe Basin. We decided to head down to the Emerald Bay area and hike up the Eagle Falls trailhead to Eagle Lake and then continue on up towards the ridgeline between Janine’s Ridge and Maggies Peaks. Once at that intersection with great view of Azure Lake, we would then continue up towards the saddle between North and South Maggies Peaks and head up to the summit of South Maggies Peak. Lastly, we would head down towards Granite Lake for a quick swim and exit at the Bayview trailhead.

This nice day hike offers a good loop through the very edge of Desolation Wilderness with approximately 6 miles and 2,000 or so feet of elevation gain and loss.

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Date: Saturday, May 31, 2014 (race)

Photos: Sarah (unless otherwise noted)

On May 31st, I participated in the Ironman 70.3 Hawaii triathlon (also known as Honu), which consisted of a 1.2 mile swim, 56 mile bike and 13.1 mile run. It was an awesome course and it felt really cool to bike up the Queen Ka’ahumanu highway, essentially sharing the second half of the Ironman World Championship bike course held each October. After the weekend race, Sarah and I headed to Kauai for an awesome week long trip exploring. I am now gearing up for Ironman 70.3 Vineman in Sonoma County.

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Date: Sunday, April 20, 2014

Location: Half Moon Bay, CA

Photos: Sarah (unless otherwise noted)

Well, race season has now officially started for me for 2014 (although training season started back in February)! I have a pretty decent schedule of events this year, with my highlights being Ironman 70.3 Hawaii on May 31st and Ironman 70.3 Vineman on July 13th. Rounding out those half-Ironman distance events, I also have the California Sprint Triathlon on June 28th, which will be my first sprint-distance and I am excited to go “all out” for a race, and the Mammoth Fall Century & Grand Fondo 102-mile bike race on September 6th. Add in a 10-day trip planned in August with Jon climbing in Bugaboo Provincial Park in British Columbia and the Big Sur Half Marathon on November 16 (which I ran last year and loved), it will be a pretty busy season. Fortunately, Sarah lets me get away with all of this stuff!

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Date: Saturday, March 8, 2014

Locations: Sierra Crest, North Lake Tahoe Basin

Skiers: Colin & Nick

Photos: Colin & Nick (as noted)

Synopsis: Armed with high-pressure, clear skies, a decent re-freeze the prior night and a light, Southwesterly wind, Colin and I decided to head out last Saturday for the classic Sierra Crest tour from Sugar Bowl to Squaw in the North Lake Tahoe Basin. I don’t think I am surprising anyone in saying that this season has been pretty bleak in Tahoe for snow accumulation, and I think a lot of the pictures below will show how thin the sun-exposed aspects are right now. Still, it felt great to get out on a longer tour and get some exercise. I particularly like these “meadow skipping” type tours where you cover longer distances to see a lot of terrain. I particularly like multi-day tours in the Eastern Sierra in the Spring, but this season (like last season) is looking like May will be more devoted to High Sierra climbing.

Warning – there are not a ton of action ski shots in a tour like this, but figured I have not posted a TR in a while so why not.

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TR: Snake Dike – Half Dome

Date: Sunday, January 26, 2014

Location: Yosemite National Park

Climbers: Jon & Nick

Photos: Jon & Nick (as noted)

Synopsis: It is no surprise that California is really struggling right now for water and in an official drought. Calendar 2013 ended up one of the driest years on record for the Sierra. Up until this writing (when we are finally forecast to have a multi-foot snow storm occurring in Tahoe), the “winter” this year has been dry and warm. With forecasts for highs in 60s in the Valley and mid-50s at 8,000 feet, Jon and I thought the last weekend in January would be a great time to head to Yosemite Valley for some climbing.

During the day on Saturday we simply cragged over at Five and Dime cliff, trying some nice hard 5.10 routes and practice off-width climbing. It was unbelievably hot for January, and I was climbing in a tee shirt and desperately wishing I had shorts on.

Jon and I decided that a trip up to Half Dome to climb Snake Dike was the call for Sunday. We were both really excited to head up to the climb in January (a rarity as there is generally too much wetness from snow-melt this time of year).

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